2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser review

If you are looking for the small urban car and if you need easier way to move true traffic jam, than Toyota Urban Cruiser is definitely car for you. This car was for the first time introduced in 2008 and it production was discontinued in 2014 because it didn’t reach the sale. This time Japanese manufacturer is giving second chance to this model and 2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser will come with better fuel economy, better performance and some design changes in order to be more competitive and has more luck than its predecessor.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser

New Toyota Urban Cruiser engine and specs

Toyota Urban Cruiser 2016 will come with front-wheel drive system, much like many family members cars. Its engine will have a 6 rate manual transmission. It will have 3 engine alternatives. The first option will certainly be a 1.3-liter engine that utilizes gas with the capacity to generate 101 horse power and also 132 Nm of torque. With this engine, the new 2016 Urban Cruiser will be able to get to a top speed of 109 mph. It will additionally be able to achieve an acceleration of 62 mph in 12.5 secs. The second alternative will certainly be a 1.4-liter diesel motor. The turbo-powered engine will be able to make 240 horse power and 205 Nm of torque. The Urban Cruiser with this engine will likewise be a four-wheel drive. The last option will be a 2.8-liter gasoline turbo engine with the ability of making 240 horse power.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser engine

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Design

Toyota Urban Cruiser 2016 changes

The 2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser will certainly provide a rugged sight on its exterior. Its outside design will be based upon one more design, the Toyota IST, yet the exterior styling is somewhat modified to provide it an unique top quality. The new Urban Cruiser is anticipated to come with a bipartite front grille and its engine hood would certainly birth the Toyota emblem in its center part. The front and back bumpers will include the body color of the new Urban Cruiser and the new vehicle is expected to be equipped with both LED daylight lights and also especially large LED fronts lights, however xenon headlights come as an optional outside attribute. It comes in a five-door physical body style and its roof covering will certainly flaunt a brand-new roof spoiler.
2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser exterior
2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser ext

Interior design of 2016 Urban Cruiser

The new Toyota Urban Cruiser interior of the automobile possesses elegance and also design with grey being the primary color design. The seats are well placed and also curtained in great leather. They can be readjusted to make sure that all the 5 travelers can be a lot more comfortable. Various other functions include a telescopic wheel made of leather, electrically warmed pole positions as well as environment control capability.
2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser interior
Safe driving has actually been a leading concern of the supplier and in this car, it is not an exception. 7 first class air bags are suited the auto that has a carrying capacity of 5 travelers. It likewise has safety belt, traction control and an anti-lock feature on the brakes. The infomercial features present include a 6 speaker stereo, video clip player, access to the Internet, a navigation system linked to a 7 inch touch display, Bluetooth link and also USB ports.
2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser internet

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New Toyota Urban Cruiser release date and price

Urban Cruiser 2016 will be priced from $65,000 to $70,000. It would certainly more than likely appeared in the originally half of 2016. It is nonetheless among the designs from Japanese makers that establish as a thing to thrust much more youthful customers, and with it as flawlessly regarding stir in an environmental sensation. These layouts trigger the progression of new innovation and the increasing programs in the automobile market.

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