2017 Toyota Prius review

Although, the Prius was once considered as synonym, when it comes to alternative-energy segment, its sale shows a sudden and unexpected drop. The reason for this sudden sale crash, may lie in the Prius’s current late in its life cycle, so, naturally the markers from this worldwide known and prized Japanese Company have decided that right now presents just the perfect moment to make and launch the brand new variant of this fabulous car- 2017 Toyota Prius. This vehicle will present the fourth generation and Toyota’s CEO Akio Toyoda has officially announced that this particular vehicle is going to be an entirely redesigned. At the same time, its designers have annunciation that they will additionally emphasize the Prius’s styling, in order to possess more attractive and masculine look, like never before. However, it’s going to represent, still, a smart fuel-saving car to its loyal owners.

2017 Prius engine

In this area, we aren’t expecting any major changes. There is no word on all-wheel drive, however we can expect as much as 94 United States mpg (2.5 l/100 kilometres) from a 1.8-liter DOHC VVT-i four-banger mated to an electrical motor. The engine is anticipated to create 105 horsepower while the electrical motor should be good for 90 all-electric horsepower.
2017 Toyota Prius engine

Total system result is ranked between 145 and also 150 horse power. In the PHV’s case, expect an optimum (and instead hard to believe) fuel rating of 164.6 United States mpg (1.4 l/100 km) as well as an all-electric variety of 50 km (31 miles). In addition to the designing and demanding capacities that divide both Toyota Prius 2017 models, it’s rumored that the PHV will get a greater capacity lithium-ion battery pack.

2017 Toyota Prius design

New Toyota Prius Exterior

If we could believe in rumors, the latest ones, which are coming from this famous car maker, they are suggesting that this brand new 2017 Prius variant will pass thorough exterior overhaul, even evolving into a sweptback sedan shape. That, in reality, means that newly Prius is intended to be built on a slightly lower hood and a more upright windshield moved farther back, then wasn’t the case ever been before. These changes may result in increasing overall aerodynamic efficiency of the Prius 2017, while a brand newly made chassis beneath the sheet metal will offer a bit lower center of gravity, which will guarantee a much improved general handling.

2017 Toyota Prius 56
New generation of Toyota Prius will also be available with Sorts Line styling package which will be characterized with more aggressive look. Ore aggressive and muscle design is given thanks to the revised front bumper and spoiler, set of new sleepers, a different rear bumper with diffuser, rear spoiler and new exhaust pipes. Car will also have new alloy wheels.
2017 Toyota Prius 2
2017 Toyota Prius 4

Interior of new Toyota Prius

When we are talking about the interior design, the most notable thing in this particular section, which has been all-new designed, is a dash featuring instrument panel. The main dash will have a bit better general appearance (more conventional one) and it is planned to be coupled with analog gauges located behind a newly made, three-spoke steering wheel. The main cabin of 2017 Toyota Prius is going to be a bit roomier and it will have a much more appealing overall appearance that is intended to be full of diversity layout refinement. The folks from Toyota are hoping that these changes will attract a more diverse array of buyers, regardless of the exact age or the personal preferences. The 2017 Prius is imagined to reconcile all tastes and, at the same time, to break Toyota’s new styling philosophy. Will they manage to do so and to what exact measure, we will be left to you to decide. But, according the very first spy photos, we are more than convinced in full success of their attentions!

2017 Toyota Prius interior

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2017 Toyota Prius release date and price

Chances are that the new Prius Plug-in Hybrid earliest emerge as a model for 2017 in the autumn of next year.The price is not yet known but we expect it to be around $36,000.

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