2016 Lexus LF-FC Concept

As it has been announced Lexus presented its new model called LF-FC concept at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show. This Lexus concept in fact announces a new generation of its luxury sedan LS, which serial version can be expected during 2016. This 2016 Lexus LF-FC Concept is a very luxurious vehicle which is designed as a sedan but has a lot of resembles with coupe version. Its interior is not behind and looks like it came from the future. So let’s read more about this fantastic car.

2016 Lexus LF-LC

Lexus LF-FC Concept exterior design

One of the most vital element of the Lexus LF-FC 2016 Concept is the appearance. As preview of the next LS car, it is a smooth take on the brand name’s L-finesse design language. Lexus states the appearance is “boldy elegant, exhibiting the spirit of a grand touring vehicle and also they are right. The lines circulation front to rear, the roofline has coupe-like rake, then the auto’s size offers it some elegance. The front end includes the now-familiar Lexus pin grille, flanked by L-shaped daytime running lights. Substantial 21-inch wheels that incorporate light weight aluminum and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic offer the auto much more existence then recommend stylish purposes.
2016 Lexus LF-FC ext 3
2016 Lexus LF-FC e 3

New LF-FC Concept interior design

The interior was designed to reflect this auto’s likely twin function as personal automobile as well as chauffeur-driven limousine. At the front, the driversĀ gets a futuristic control panel display screen with gesture controls, consisting of a hologram that shows where the system could translate hand motions. At the back, travelers get lying rear seats and lots of space, Lexus says. Everyone gets aniline leather, which covers the control panel, doors, then seats.
2016 Lexus LF-FC INTERIOR 2
There’s also some autonomous-driving innovation, consisting of “elevated traffic environment acknowledgment, prediction, then judgment feature,” Lexus claims. Moms and dad Toyota is examining a self-driving prototype on public roadways in Japan, then hopes to eventually create expert system for self-governing vehicles.

2016 Lexus LF-FC Concept engine and specs

The LF-FC Concept is powered by a high result gasoline cell power system that drives the back wheels, while 2 in-wheel motors drive the front wheels. Lexus states the drive system permits accurate torque distribution control in between the front and also back wheels, which translates into “awesome vibrant handling as well as superior road stability.” The fuel-cell stack placed at the rear of the vehicle, the power control system at the front then T-formation configured hydrogen fuel containers cause a front as well as rear weight circulation optimal for a sporty sedan.
2016 Lexus LF-FC engine
As far as we speak about production version, it is expected that new LS will be offered with a 5.0-liter V8 engine with 465 horse power, as well as a hybrid version with a V8 engine and a combined output of about 535 horse power.

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Release date and price of Lexus LF-FC

As we previously said the production version of this concept which will be called Lexus LS should hit the market in 2016 and its price will could easily go over $100,000.

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