2016 Toyota Pixis Mega review

Toyota introduced a new Pixis Mega model on the territory of Japan and it is characterized by the very interesting and some would say strange look. Lately Japanese are producing cars which has a lot of resemblance with toy and this new Pixis is definitely one of them and its name contributes too. Mega is the last member of the family Pixis which produced Daihatsu which is under the contract with Toyota, after they released Pixis Space, Van / Truck and Epoch model. You might not believe while looking in the photos, but Pixis Mega can receive four adults.Only issues can be that this four person shouldn’t me more than the Japanese average height of 170 cm.

2016 Toyota Pixis Mega exterior

Engine and specs

Under the hood, 2 engines are offered. The naturally-aspirated 660cc engine which creates 52 horse power (38 kW) and also 60 Nm (44 lb-ft) of twist, while the turbocharged 660cc engine creates 64 horse power (47 kW) as well as 92 Nm (67 lb-bft) of torque. Both are hooked up to a continually variable transmission which can be paired to an optional all-wheel drive system on turbocharged variants.

2016 Toyota Pixis Mega design


the Pixis Mega has a class-leading cabin elevation of 1,455 mm, which will certainly accommodate four grownups easily. That’s combined with a door height of 1,700 mm for simple access by children and also the senior. There are two one-touch electrical moving doors. Toyota says that regardless of the tiny automobile’s slender height of 1,835 mm, the suspension and also body framework have been made to ensure steady handling. Stiffer suspension as a result of bigger shock absorbs coupled with using stabilizers are consisted of, while optimized sheet density for the roof covering panel as well as plastic renovation for the back door and also front fender minimize weight and lesser the Pixis’ center of gravity.
2016 Toyota Pixis Mega ext


The Pixis Mega is geared up with a function-over-form interior decoration to take full advantage of the use of space. The tool collection is located right in the middle of the control panel, the front travelers rest on a generously-sized bench as well as there many storage bins scattered all throughout the log cabin. The trunk is evidently little when four adults are on board, yet the back seats as well as the front guest seat can fold up down independently when extra area is required. To make the 2016 Toyota Pixis Mega an also much easier vehicle to drive, there’s an extra passenger-side mirror below the normal wing mirror for far better visibility, specifically when auto parking. Mirrors have likewise been put in the top interior areas of the back doors, enhancing visibility behind the motor vehicle.
2016 Toyota Pixis Mega exterior 2

Release date and price

The 2016 Toyota Pixis Mega is now on sale now throughout Japan with a base price of ¥1,350,000, an amount that transforms to nearly $11,000. It was created specifically for Japan, and also Toyota is not planning on marketing it anywhere else.