2016 Toyota 4Runner release date

The engineers from a famous Japanese car market, Toyota, have made the decision that the 2016 year be the year of changes. Although, there is nothing wrong with a broad spectrum of their vehicles nor there haven’t been noticed any drop in their sales, but still, they stood by their decision that they should suffer some further improvements. These changes won’t bypass their lovable and favorite among the drivers, the mighty 4Runner. There aren’t planning that this magical crossover suffers some major changes, but mostly a cosmetic one, which will, surely, provide slightly attractive and stylish overall appearance. We think it isn’t, absolutely, necessary to stress that the 2016 Toyota 4Runner will come along equipped with, somehow, advanced high technology features.

New 4Runner engine and transmission

When it comes to the engine area, it is intended that Toyota 4Runner 2016 comes along equipped with two powertrain options. The first is going to be a standard 4.0-liter VVT-I V6 engine, which will be able to pump up to 270 horsepower and to deliver approximately around a 250 lb-ft of torque. The other one will present, some kind of an experimental one (meaning, if it proves its highly efficiency and reliability, it will become some sort of a standard one, for the future models). It’ll be a 4.0-liter V8 engine. Both of this utterly capable engines are going to be matched with a 5-speed automatic transmission. New 4Runner is intended to be available in both versions- a front-wheel and all-wheel drive.

2016 Toyota 4Runner engine

2016 Toyota 4Runner design

2016 4Runner changes

Besides, the 4Runner’s edition of 2016, will use more percent of aluminum in its body construction (in order to cut down its overall weight), a part of a plan is also that this newly variant comes along with slightly redesigned bumper and, somehow, improved grille. It could have just the right effect to its speed, but, at the same time, you can expect more stability and safety. At the same time, this new variant is planned to get a more durable and muscular look and will be available in three lever trims: the Base SR5, the Limited Edition and the Trail Offroad. That’s in fact, all of the data that we know for sure, for the further details, we afraid that you have to wait until the 4Runner’s release date, because these are kept top secret.

2016 Toyota 4Runner ext 4

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Interior design of new Toyota 4Runner

Regarding the changes that are planned to be made in interior area-although the main cabin will remain so spacious and more than able to accommodate up to eight grownups to sit upright quite comfortably, it is planned that the materials, of which has been made, to devote an enormous amount on intention. That, practically, means that all of the 3-rowed seats will be wrapped in the natural leather and the main dashboard, besides of being further equipped with the advanced technology features, will be made by a blend between a high quality natural lacquer wood and hand-made leather.

2016 Toyota 4Runner INTERIOR

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Release date and price of Toyota 4Runner

It is planned that this brand new 2016 4Runner variant hit the car markets at the end of this year. Price wise, it will be somewhere around $34,000 no more.

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