2017 Toyota Supra Price and Specs

In case that you belong to a group of true lovers of the fast&furious cars, we are having the outstanding news for you! After the long 13 years of waiting, the officials from the Japanese giant, Toyota, have officially announced that the next year is reserved for the great comeback of one of the most lovable crossover of all times-the mighty 2017 Toyota Supra!
That is outstanding news indeed, if we have in our minds, that the magicians from Toyota have revealed their FT-1 concept last year, so the vast majority of us were secretly hoping that this fast&furious concept will include, also, the fifth generation of Supra. And that turned out to be the bare truth! If you may be wondering why are we so thrilled about that announcement, please read this review till its end.

2017 Toyota Supra ext

2017 Toyota Supra exterior and interior

According, the photos of the 2017 Toyota Supra it’s a real beauty, indeed. This particular model has, always, being well-known for its removable Targa top. That splendid detail presented some kind of the Supra’s trademark and still is presenting, although, it is still quite foggy, if will the sedan version be the first one to appear without a convertible version, but that will remain secret, until the Supra’s premiere.

2017 Toyota Supra
2017 Toyota Supra ext
Another highly interesting fact is, although brand new Supra’s general appearance is intended to be fully inspired by FT-1 concept, it won’t exactly be the case. Although, the FT-1 concept is considered to be way too futuristic it isn’t, at the same time, so production-friendly, so to say. But, the formula-1 lovers, there’s nothing to worry about, your long-awaited Supra will, definitely, have some Formula 1-inspired parts, but, at the same time, will retain a low profile and modern body. The rest of the gear presents, somewhat of an enigma, still, but we are expecting for newly Supra to be offered ina wide range of the most various hi-tech features, in order to meet all of their customers’ requests, as well as, the desires.

2017 Toyota Supra interior

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Engine and specs of 2017 Toyota Supra

New Toyota Supra will come with a minimum 340 hp under the hood. Of course this is the fact if we talk about 3.0 liter R6 turbo petrol engine but when we talk about the hybrid version it will be able to provide around 480 horse power.
2017 Toyota Supra engine
The boss of the Toyota’s sports departments, Tetsuya Tada said that new Supra’s engine will be stronger than at the most German rivals, but that’s not too important. Toyota is so convinced at the new 2017 Supra that company even stated it is going to be better than Porsche 911. The secret is probably in lightweight construction with an aluminum hull and carbon panels, which will compensate for the lack of power. In any case, Supra remains in the game and is coming soon.

New Toyota Supra release date and price

The data about the exact pricing of Toyota Supra 2017 hasn’t been available yet, but we are assuming that it won’t be higher than the $100,000, but we’ll be, definitely, know more when this variant, finally, hit the global car markets, which is going to happen in 2016. It will have world premier at 2016 Detroit Auto Show in January.

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